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Joanne Benford Specialism Andragogy

 Jo is a member of the Centre Leadership Team with responsibility for adult learning. Jo currently tutors on the Foundation Degree in Integrated Working with Children and their Families in the Early Years.


Specialising in:

•  Adult learners

•  Training and development


“I have worked at Pen Green for 14 years. Initially my role was the crèche co-ordinator, in this role I had the opportunity to lead the team working in the crèche.  I was responsible for developing practice and setting up systems to ensure the children were being cared for appropriately, and their achievements were being documented accurately.  I introduced the team to the legislative requirements of their role, and was able to write and develop qualifications to support this development.


I have been working in the Research & Training Base for 7 years; initially as a co-leader on various short courses. I have used my experiences of working in the crèche to support me in the learning environment. At present, I am a teacher and tutor for the Foundation Degree in Early Years.


Becoming a member of the centre leadership team (CLT) has supported my developing leadership skills.  I have been part of CLT for 4 years, during this time I have taken on full responsibility for adult learning in the children’s centre, data administration for the whole centre, and the Foundation Degree Course.  The numbers of adults engaging in learning has increased significantly, in 2013/2014, 275 adults were registered in the children’s centre on adult learning courses, and 75 Learners were studying on the Foundation Degree.  This number continues to increase year on year.”